Yaz Garcia

Versa Coach


Proudest achievement

Getting more views on Instagram than Antony Joshua 😉😉😉😉

Fave exercise

My favourite weighted exercise is a hip thrust. I LOVE them.

I also really enjoy running and climbing on the versa as I love to get into the zone and push myself really hard.

Least fave exercise


Music style in class

Electronic house & a little bit of drum and bass.

Describe your class in 3 words

Fierce, Energetic, Powerful.

Cheat meal

Pizza always. (Followed by some goey cookies.)

One thing you can’t live without


2 things people don’t know about you

1. I have a little sister with Down syndrome who is my best, best friend.

2. I won our little singing contests at school every year (haha) so I guess I can sing?

Come and train with me because...

I have a lot of energy and fire but I’m usually always smiling and hope to pass this positive energy onto everyone else! I feel as though my classes are like a big party where you can lose yourself and give everything you’ve got.

Ready to Sweat?